How To Overcome An AI Robot Job Interview? [UPDATED 2024]

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Candidates, are you struggling to successfully pass an AI robot job interview? You’ve tried altering things up on your CV and creating a more stunning cover letter, but you’re still out of luck?

If the answer to the above-mentioned questions is YES, you have come to the right place.

Through the use of artificial intelligence in AI job interviews are already on the rise, which seems to be terrifying.

In recent years, the application of artificial intelligence in the recruiting process has grown in popularity. Candidates are frequently requested to perform video interviews or online assessments without being informed that an algorithm would be the first to evaluate their application. AI robots interview software has been employed by major organizations such as Hirevue and Unilever, and an estimated 83 percent of US corporations employ some sort of AI in their HR operations.

In the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak, 70% of the more than 1,500 human resource and recruitment experts polled by LinkedIn in July anticipated virtual recruiting will become the new standard.

While this may just mean that employers will continue to conduct interviews through Zoom for many organizations, the rise of new AI solutions claiming to make the process more efficient shows that the desire for robot recruiters may be here to stay.

How AI Robot Interview Works:

These AI robot recruiters, like people, have their own distinct interviewing techniques. Some are just searching for logistical information, such as availability and continuous interest, whilst others may be evaluating your desire, initiative, teamwork abilities, flexibility, or even your proclivity to job hop. Some will ask everyone the same set of questions in the same sequence, while others will personalize their questions to you, ensuring that you can accomplish what you claim you can.

AI robots are using smart and complicated algorithms by which they, AI robots, can analyze candidates’ performance throughout the job interview. The power of these AI robots lays in the fact that they can dive deeper into the candidate’s personality and facial expressions in an attempt to get a precise outcome. Indeed, AI robots have managed to prove their efficiency in a job interview by providing deeper, precise, and detailed results.

How To Overcome AI Robot Job Interview In 2023

The following are the steps that you need to take into account to increase your chances of beating an AI robot interview:

● Prepare For The AI Robot Interview Differently

Expert hiring managers advise that while interviewing with a robot, you should prepare differently. Because you won’t get feedback when you speak to a camera, you’ll have to think about what your audience values. This entails thinking about what AI is looking for. AI examines material; it cannot understand what you may be implying. So be straightforward. Robots compare you to previous success stories; they do not seek out-of-the-box candidates. Keep this in mind so that you may emphasize your individuality while working within the constraints of AI interviewing.

These AI robot interview like Sophia Ai interview, Ai Uehara interview, and ai Weiwei interview also look for factors like speech tone and terms that fit the job description of the organization. It monitors facial emotions like smiling. Keep in mind that AI places a greater focus on how you say things rather than just what you say. The program will compare your performance to that of previous job seekers, desirable workers. It will rate you against the company’s ideal candidate profile based on the information you provide.

● Pay Attention To Body Language

Andres Lares, the managing partner at Shapiro Negotiations Institute, said that AI recruiting tools that scan body language might first seem “frightening” to applicants since it’s difficult to foresee exactly what an algorithm picks upon. He did, but, add that there are certain general positive body language suggestions that candidates may employ to make a good impression.

He suggested “simple things” like smiling, leaning forward slightly, and making “plenty of eye contact,” as well as demonstrating more “open mannerisms” in general. AI robots can analyze language and how candidates frame their responses is equally important, according to Lares. “The ‘how you say it’ is incredibly crucial, maybe even more than when you’re with a real person,” he says. He adds, for example, AI may read statements like “I suppose” as more uncertain.

“In general, we’ve seen that a lot of the algorithms are seeking for confidence,” he stated.

Lares advised applicants to script out what they would want to say for certain replies and mimic reading it out, so they feel more secure when speaking it again in the actual interview, which may help remove unsure wording.

● Make Sure To Show Honesty, Value, And Personality

Lares has recognized that speaking to the screen in the interview might feel “awkward” instead of a real person as applicants cannot see how their interviewer reacts to his responses and there is no chance that small talk would flow into the dialogue.

He advised that he think about history from a former work to practice saying it over and over again before the camera to be comfy to get rid of some of the first nervousness. “It may be incredibly useful to get some of these issues out early in unrelated circles,” said Lares. Aida Fazylova is the CEO of the HR software business XOR, which employs AI to automate earlier recruitment processes, such as applications, testing, and meetings.

“If you’d want a greater comfort for your AI screening interview I’d suggest a large amount of…honesty and dignity,” she said. When she records a video, she suggests that “it offers an idea of who you are.”

● Always Remember To Smile, Nod, And Use Keywords

When interrogated by an AI robot, keep in mind constantly that it concentrates mostly on your face and bodily expressions. That is, act like a genuine human, but more. Make sure that you nod and smile periodically since the AI robot reads these features to assess you.

Echo the precise wording of the job description by using keywords and sentences that indicate what you can contribute. Take action regularly, grin and nod. It may be odd to do so without a human reaction from the other end. But, practice is perfect. Use the rehearsal questions provided before the interview by most AI recruiting sites. Or practice yourself by registering. Wang advises that you play the video again to see where you can improve it.

● Don’t Forget To Make Human Connections

Remember when dealing with an AI robot interview to act as if you are interviewing with a human recruiter. As Elon Musk AI Interview mentioned, the AI robots are extremely smart to a level that they surpass the human race. That is, Connect with the AI as you connect with humans.

The greatest approach to boost your professional chances is through personal references. Don’t ignore that vital step, AI or not. Alert the enterprise to your candidacy – and your video interview, pre-recorded – by human-to-human connections.

● Stick To The Basics

Don’t forget to follow the procedure of the fundamental video interview, such as corporate research, career background, and clothes for interviews. “The more you know about your topic and what you want to convey,” adds Wang, “the more you will feel well.”

The AI robot interview is like any other job interview. It has the same structure, the same type of questions, and the same procedure. Don’t forget to stick with the basics that you should prepare for when having an interview like reviewing your resume, get mentally prepared, and dress as the job title code. These tips will in a way or another enable you to make your first impression.

● Follow-up

Do not be scared to give a little human touch to a sector in which automation might impact employment choices. A short email to the hiring manager can sometimes be a pleasant complement after submitting a job application. It just does not imply the hiring manager will since their technology indicates that you’re not a good fit!

It can be difficult to beat the AI robot interview. But, rest sure that if you take the points that we have mentioned above you will increase your chances to overcome the AI robot interview.

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