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By partnering with Huru, higher education institutions can access an innovative platform that strengthens their career services offerings and helps students excel in professional interviews. This ultimately leads to higher employability rates among graduates, benefiting the institution’s reputation and attracting future enrollees.

Interview prep for colleges
Interview preparation

A Game-Changer for Higher Education Institutions

Don’t Miss Out on Helping Your Students Excel in the Job Market

Comprehensive Interview Preparation

A wide range of professional interviews, from technical ones like software development and data analysis, to non-technical roles like marketing, finance, and HR.

Record & Review

Video recording options for students to analyse their responses, non-verbal cues, body language, tone, and pace.

Instant AI Feedback

Real-time evaluation of student responses through advanced AI algorithms, enabling them to identify areas for improvement and refine their skills quickly.

Mock Interviews

Access to a vast library of questions from various industries, simulating an authentic experience that prepares students for real-world interviews.

Progress Tracking

Our platform enables educators and institutions to track student progress and performance effectively. Get detailed reports on how well your students are doing and where they need additional support.

AI Answer Tips

Detailed answer tips for every interview curated by industry experts.

Job Boards Integration

With Huru extensive job board integration capabilities, Huru can generate any interview from any job offer listed on any integrated College or University Career system, ensuring that your students are well-equipped to secure their dream job.

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“Huru has been a game-changer for my interview preparation! The personalized AI guidance made it feel like I had a personal interview coach in my pocket”

Leslie Alexander

React Developer

“Highly recommend this app to anyone looking for an effective way to elevate their interview skills.”

Jacob Jones

Digital Marketer

“From tackling common interview questions to boosting my confidence, Huru has significantly improved my interviewing skills and helped me land my dream job!”

Jenny Wilson

Graphic Designer

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