Pace ⎮ The Optimal Articulation Rate in a Job Interview

Pace and Articulation Rate In a Job Interview

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Let me tell you something…

You just have finished your research to nail your resume and congrats to you for getting through the door! But then it was time to show the interviewer that you have A-level in-person communication skills.

According to the Association of American Colleges and Universities, 85 percent of businesses consider oral speech to be a very necessary skill when recruiting new college graduates. This entails speaking eloquently and confidently.

I believe you think that’s easy, right?

Before joining any job interview area, you must be able to have a confident, straightforward, and well-paced conversation. Being a fast talker during a job interview can also give the impression of anxiety, undermining much-needed morale on the side of both candidates and interviewers. Besides, being a slow thinker won’t play for your benefit either. Talking slowly in a job interview makes your interviewer lose interest in listening to you in the first place.

The end goal is to be able to converse at a conversational level. Do not want to talk at a perfectly even rate, measuring out every word evenly: this should come off as monotonous and tedious. Your voice would be more entertaining if you use a mix of slow, short, and medium tempo. Be mediate average.

A healthy speech rate is between 140 and 160 words per minute (wpm). A rate of more than 160 words per minute can make it difficult for the listener to comprehend the information. Some parts of the world can talk at a faster pace, but a slower rate is preferable. What is articulation in speech during job interview?

Articulation in speech during interview refers to how fast or slow you are talking to your interviewer. As mentioned above, the articulation pace is a deciding factor that can determine your interview impression. For this reason, we are going to shed the light on some tips on how to improve your articulation pace.

If you’re one of the several people who get nervous or have a bad habit of speaking too fast, we’ve got a few tips and tricks to make you calm down.

Practice pacing your rate of articulation


Practicing your voice is an essential aspect of preparation for your in-person or phone interview in the same manner as you might study the job application, do due diligence on the potential candidate, or prepare your resume.

According to research, the optimal pace for conversational expression is 140 to 160 words per minute. Believe us when we say that this is much less than it seems. Type about 300 words of your choice using a word count option. Although your favorite song, poem, or high school speech and debate presentation are all fine, a personal overview of your job experience might be more relevant and real to life.

With the help of digital timers, recite the 300-ish words while holding a remote timer until you’ve finished the whole diatribe. If you finish too quickly, try slowing down your speech. Run over and try hastening things a little. You’ll grow at more for perfect timing after a few attempts.

Be an Active Listener


Besides, practicing your rate of speech, learning active listening skills is a useful way to pace both your personal speech and the tempo of the conversation as a whole. In normal social settings with friends or families, our experience with each other’s speech styles causes us to rush into, disrupt, or expect the remarks of others.

But, during an interview, applicants should make a deliberate attempt to listen to the interviewer’s full queries and suggestions without trying to insert or making extraneous remarks.

Learning to listen to the interviewer will help you find important statistics to use later to prove you’re capable of gathering and applying facts, estimates, and critical knowledge, which are key “soft skills” managers look for in quality applicants, also to making the dialogue grow a more normal and engaging tempo.

Remember to Relax…and Breathe


Many applicants have perfectly average speech timing in social settings but run their mouths a mile a minute in an interview. This is mostly due to a severe case of interview-induced jitters rather than real expertise. Learn more.

Although there are unnumbered strategies for reducing interview nerves on the internet, it’s worth reviewing speech and vocal timing. If your emotions threaten to get the best of you during an interview, take a few deep breaths to calm down. Limit the amount of caffeine you use before the interview because it will raise your blood pressure and lead to artificial jitteriness.

While you are concerned with your ability to recall, carry a notepad to your interview. Your potential boss will value your resilience and attention to detail, and you will have a comfort blanket to rely on for swift self-confidence.

As a final piece of wisdom, showing up prepared with lots of preparation under your belt is the perfect way to fight nerves, slow your voice, and improve your odds of securing a lucrative work offer. Lots of preparation prior to your job interview will serve a number of vital purposes, all of which will help you get enough closer to getting the career of your dreams.

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