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The use of websites and online apps with various features is rising today. jQuery is frequently useful to provide a certain website feature. There is so a great need for front-end engineers with strong HTML and CSS knowledge of jQuery.

It is important to mention that After graduation, candidates must have an interview in which they are asked a lot of jQuery interview questions to set up a career as a front-end development developer. But the question that repeats itself is what is jQuery?

jQuery is a JavaScript library quick, compact, and rich in features. With an easy-to-use API running across many browsers, it simplifies tasks like HTML document transmission and modification, event handling, animation, and Ajax. jQuery has transformed the way millions of people write Javascript by a mix of flexibility and extensibility.

The list below contains jQuery interview questions and answers that are commonly asked during an interview or viva test. Depending on the candidate’s expertise and other variables, they may be asked basic to advanced level jQuery interview questions. All the key jQuery interview questions for freshers as well as experts exist in the list below. This JQuery interview questions guide can help you in passing the interview and landing the job of your dreams.

JQuery Interview Questions And Answers

Bear in mind that these JQuery interview questions and answers were carefully handpicked by professional hiring managers in the field.

What is jQuery?

Answer: jQuery is a JavaScript library that makes traversing and manipulating the HTML DOM tree, as well as event handling, CSS animation, and Ajax, easier. It’s open-source software that’s free and uses the liberal MIT License. 73% of the 10 million most popular websites use as of May 2019. According to web research, it is by far the most frequently used JavaScript library, with at least 3 to 4 times the usage of any other JavaScript library.

Why jQuery is necessary?

Answer: The following list necessitates the use of jQuery:

  • Used to create cross-browser web apps.
  • Enhance an application’s performance.
  • Extremely quick and extendable.
  • The user interface functionalities are in a number of code lines.

Mention the difference between javascript and jquery?


  • JavaScript is an interpreted language written in C that combines ECMAScript with the Document Object Model (DOM), and jQuery is a JavaScript framework designed to speed up and simplify JavaScript.
  • To code a capability in JavaScript, the programmer must write many lines of code, but with jQuery, the programmer must only import the library and call the functions, reducing the programmer’s coding work.
  • Because JavaScript does not support cross-browser compatibility, a developer must write code manually to accomplish the feature. jQuery, on the other hand, has built-in cross-browser code compatibility.

Explain the Advantages of jQuery?

Answer:  The following are some of jQuery’s benefits:

  • Simple and straightforward to use.
  • There is a lot of documentation in the form of blogs, code snippets, tutorials, and other things.
  • A syntax that is simple and clear.
  • Open coding standards that are simple to use.
  • Deals with cross-browser problems without requiring the developer’s attention.
  • The main library is only 24kb, making it very light.
  • This is an open-source library.
  • There are a lot of animations and effects in this game.
  • Extensible and quick to implement.

Define what is jQuery Ajax?

Answer: AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, and it is a technique that allows us to load and exchange data with the server without having to refresh the browser page. JQuery is a fantastic tool for creating next-generation web apps since it has a large number of AJAX capabilities.

What does the jQuery ajax event method ajaxStart() do?

Answer:  When jQuery is going to tell the browser to make an Ajax request, it checks to see if any other such requests are already in flight. If there aren’t any, jQuery fires the ajaxStart event. Any handlers associated with the “ajaxStart” function will run at this point.

Tell the difference between find and children methods?

Answer: Both techniques are useful to filter the matched elements’ children. The child’s method searches only one level down the DOM tree, but the find method examines all levels down the DOM tree.

Describe the difference between the ID selector and class selector in jQuery?

Answer: The ID and class selectors are identical to those in CSS. The ID picker selects elements by ID, whereas the class selector selects elements by class. To pick only one element, you utilize an ID selector. You may use the class selector to pick a collection of items by using the same CSS class.

What is the difference between jquery.min.js and jquery.js?

Answer: To save bandwidth, jquery.min.js is a compressed version of jquery.js (The variable names and so forth got smaller with whitespaces and comments no longer in place.). They are exactly the same in terms of functionality. In the production setting, this compressed version is preferred. When the reduced version of jQuery is useful, a web page’s performance improves.

Describe the advantage of hosting a jQuery using a CDN?

Answer: Content Delivery Network (CDN) or Content Distribution Network (CDN) is a huge distributed system of servers spread over the internet in many data centers. It downloads files from servers at a quicker rate, resulting in speedier loading times.

  • When you use the CDN you will reduce the download times for the JQuery library. Those in Europe, for example, will access the European CDN, while users in the United States will access the United States CDN. In turn, this will make the pages load faster overall.
  • If the user visited another page that uses the same jQuery library, the jQuery library will already be in place in the user’s browser. The user does not need to download the jQuery library in this scenario.

Explain the main difference between the .detach() and remove() methods in jQuery.

Answer:  The only difference between the detach() and remove() methods is that.detach() keeps all jQuery data connected with the deleted components while.remove() does not. When deleted items need to ask into the DOM later, Detach() comes in handy.

What is jQuery.noConflict?

Answer: $ is a common name for JS functions and variables. We don’t need to utilize $ because it’s merely an alias for jQuery in jQuery. If we need to utilize a JS library with jQuery, we give the JS library ownership over $. We utilize jQuery.noConflict to provide this control (). It may also be useful to give a variable a new name.

In jQuery, distinguish between.empty(),.remove(), and.detach().


  • remove(): removes both the element and its children. You can retrieve data from the DOM, but event managers are not.
  • empty(): does not remove the element; but, It does, but, delete its content as well as any connected child components.
  • detach(): removes the element and all of its children, but keeps the data and event handlers for subsequent use.

In jQuery, what is the jQuery Datepicker?

Answer: It’s a plugin/widget that lets you add a date picker to your HTML sites. It’s very customizable, with options for date format, language, and date selection restrictions, among other things. jQuery documentation contains Datepicker settings.

It’s worth noting that these jQuery interview questions and answers are ultimately hand-picked by hiring managers with years of experience in the area. But, conducting further study to have a better understanding would be harmless. Despite this, the issue of how to prepare correctly for a job interview arises again and time again.

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