How To Improve Your Intonation For Better Job Interview

Intonation For Better Job Interview

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That according to one of the leading theories, body language accounts for 55% of all human communication. So, you are left with just 7% for content and a massive 38% for how you sound.

90% of the dialogue is forgotten after 48 hours; what is recalled is the impression created. Your voice and speaking patterns may influence a person’s opinion. But do you know how to make a crucial first impression?

Matthew Clarke, a speech coach, shared his tips and tricks for preparing the voice for a CEO-level job interview. Matthew has spent the vast majority of his adult life utilizing his voice and frequently delivers voice instruction for Executive Connections clients during the interview planning period. He discusses a series of critical points that come up when learning to talk with trust and authority.



There is really nothing more to do if you want to sound knowledgeable about your subject than to really understand it well. Also, to researching your potential manager, you can familiarize yourself with standard interview questions. An analysis of your CV will help you in identifying the questions you are likely to decide to answer. Completely schedule appropriate responses to future inquiries. It’s also a good idea to have someone dummy run any of the trickier questions. they say “preparation makes perfect,” I say ” preparation makes intonation perfect”

Understand that interviewers will evaluate you not only on the quality of your responses but also on how you present them. Bad speech habits may have a negative impact on your intonation performance, so it is important to evaluate your speech patterns. Recording yourself as you prepare answers to anticipated interview questions may be a useful method for improving your pitch, sound, intonation, and speaking tone.


Your inner stress will be visible in your voice. This may be that you’ve been nervous and have begun to breathe shallowly. Breathing techniques are great for anxiety relief because they reduce the body’s response to stress. Check these simple calming breathing exercises. Use these to relax before an interview and to thoroughly oxygenate the blood.

Relaxing during an interview eases the vocal cords as well. When they are tense, the voice can sound higher and raspier. Relaxed vocal cords will generate lower notes. These statements in your speech may become visible as more authoritative, which would strengthen your intonation.



The way you sit or stand reflects your true self not only physically, but also audibly, which means your tone and intonation. In an interview, you must be intellectually attentive in order to answer questions simply and calmly while still sounding engaged with the asked questions.

The easiest way to improve your posture is to try to sit with your back straight and erect in your chair. A safe way to accomplish this is to lean far forward on the chair, so that you are not using the back brace at all. To be on the edge of the chair often means that you are prepared for action. But, pay attention not to make it seem as if you want to flee the room.

You can also leave the diaphragm as open to moving as necessary. This strong upright posture would let your body to breathe freely which leads to a perfect tone and intonation. One other thing to consider is that crossing your legs usually reduces the amount of room available for your diaphragm to function properly. Ladies wearing skirts (or men wearing kilts!) would obviously take this into consideration while sitting.

Slow down

An interview could be a nerve-racking experience, particularly when conducted in front of a panel of interviewees. Nerves will lead to all of us to hurry our responses by speaking quickly. If you’re speed-talking at a time when it’s critical that you be calm and capable, you’re more likely to be seen as nervous that will play negatively effect your tone and intonation.

Besides that, quick speaking is difficult to understand – you can offer the right answers to the questions, but your words will float by the interviewers like a bullet. Your thoughts will fade away, but your fear won’t.

A further reason to learn some basic breathing exercises. When we think we’re speaking ‘too slowly,’ the tempo is really just right. But don’t be in a hurry. When used correctly in an interrogation, silence can be a powerful weapon. Pause before answering each interview question. At the end of each sentence, pause once more.


Previous study found that smiling causes not only visual changes to a person’s expression, but also auditory changes to the human voice. “I consider it an auditory grin,” Arias says. “We needed to see how people viewed smiles the same way acoustically as they did physically,” he says, adding that almost no one has investigated the acoustic effects of smiles.

This is meaningful because you can clearly detect a difference of tone of voice when someone smiles. This is due in part to how you feel and in part to the way your facial muscles function.

This takes me to the stage that I can do some warm-ups before an interview. Move your face around a bit and work out all the muscles that crammed into our mouths. A quick stroll around the block afterwards is a safe way to keep your breathing going and your blood pumping.

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